Venus Marble Group is a vertically integrated company with quarries and factories supported by a worldwide distribution network. Venus has quarries and factories in Greece, Bulgaria and China, with distribution facilities in the United States and order desks in Italy and Japan.
The Venus group employs over 500 people operating 6 quarries covering a total area of 40 million sf (square feet). Supporting the quarries, Venus operates three factories with a total covered area of 300,000 sf along with several distribution centers with coverage of over 200,000 sf. These facilities give the group a capacity of processing over 5,000 m3 of raw material and 2,000,000 sf of final product per month.

The company continuously partakes in philanthropic projects, as well as focuses greatly on local development, the surrounding area has profited greatly during past years, because of Hemus Marble. Apart from the various partnerships we have with local, national, and even international businesses, which help us work faster, and with greater efficiency, we also keep a professional, experienced work force at hand, that ensured maximum quality in all of our work.

Venus Marble Group